Friday, 17 January 2003

January 17, 2003 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

  This is the first anniversary of The Chautauqua.  It is hard to believe that I have edited this paper for a whole year.  Time certainly does fly when you are having fun.

   This past year has been an year of change in our world.  At the global level, changes in climate, world relations and economics took place.  There are also countless predictions for the state of global conditions in the coming months, and they are not very positive.

   At the national level there were also changes - within the federal government, federal programs and climatic conditions that affected our national economy.

   Closer to home, there were changes in our communities and farming districts.  The closure of the Cheese plant in Bashaw was one event that greatly impacted our area. 

   With all the changes we have lived through in the past year, and all the changes in our world that we will probably be faced with in this new year, it is very important that we prepare ourselves for the coming events.

   We need to make sure that our mental outlook is flexible and open to the changes.  Some of us do not like change, but it is the only certainty in this life.  Resisting, or fighting, change only makes the situation more difficult to deal with, and makes us hard to live with.

   The generosity of Eastern farmers this past year with the Hay West program was a wonderful example of being open to change.  May we all be as generous to our neighbours in need, whoever and wherever they may be as our changing future emerges in the coming months.

   As I begin another year as editor of The Chautauqua I wish you all a year of personal growth, positive experiences and happiness in all that you do.  Thank you for your support in this past year and I look forward to continuing to amuse, educate and entertain you with the paper!


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Friday, 3 January 2003

January 3, 2003 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

  The future lies before you,
Like a path of freshly fallen snow.
Be careful how you tread it,
For every mark will show.
(Author Unknown)

   Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year.  While some of us worry about what the coming days and months may bring, others of us are looking forward, in eager anticipation, to the adventures that await us.

   No matter how you greet this brand new year, not one of us really knows what the coming days and months will bring.  We can speculate, guess, and predict all we want, but it will not bring us any closer to knowing than we are now.

   There are already a host of predictions flying around - predictions of a coming war, further drought conditions, outbreaks of widespread disease, and the list goes on.

   Despite the uncertainty of the future we are about to embark into, there is one thing that we can be sure of.  The only thing that we have any control or influence over is our attitude.  The attitude in which we greet this new year is probably going to determine how we  will spend the year…

   So, if you want to make a New Year’s Resolution, resolve to look at your future in a positive light.  Look forward to coming events with anticipation, not dread.  Resolve to do your best to be a positive impact on your corner of the world.

   Happy New Year!  May 2003 be the best year of your life to date!


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