Friday, 19 May 2006

May 19, 2006 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer  
  I was at a very well attended community function not that long ago.  I had a delightful time, as I’m sure most of those in attendance did.  My only concern was that there were smokers smoking inside during the performance.

   In the province of Alberta we have a Smoke Free Places Act which states that there can be no smoking in public facilities when there are minors under the age of 18 present.

   The community event I attended was definitely a public event in a public facility.  As well, there were a large number of children present under 18 years of age.

   Also at this event were a few smokers who were smoking inside the building a mere handful of feet from where a number of children were sitting.  I didn't see any of the members of the hosting organization ask them extinguish their smokes, or to go outside.

   I would hate to see our communities lose valuable family and public events in the future just because they don’t want to abide by the legislation or enforce it at their events. 

   Let’s hope that community organizations hosting events in the coming months will take the responsibility to ensure that they are complying with provincial legislation so the same thing doesn’t occur next year.


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Friday, 5 May 2006

May 5, 2006 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer  
   Last weekend I attended a three-day workshop in Bashaw on Theta Healing.

   Theta Healing starts when the brain waves are in the Theta cycle, and at that stage one is able to create a closer connection with God allowing one to heal or create healthy conditions in the mind and body.

   We had a fabulous group, with women (and one teenage boy) from all over.  We were all of varying ages and from various different backgrounds.  We had different jobs and different life experiences and memories.

   While our individual reasons for attending the workshop may have sounded as different and individualized as each of us were, the underlying reason was the same...we each were in need of healing in some area of our lives.

   One thing that I noticed at the workshop is the varying attitudes we hold as individuals towards healing.  Some people are ready to take on full responsibility for finding new ways and means to heal themselves.  They are willing to do what they need to do in order to bring about that healing - be it making changes to their physical environment, changing their diet, dealing with unresolved emotional issues, changing their habitual thought patterns and more.

   Some, on the other hand, are very reluctant.  They want someone to do the work for them.  They don’t want to take any responsibility on themselves that would bring to their awareness that something they have done, or a belief pattern that they have nurtured, may be the reason for their illness.  They may say they want to heal, but deep down they don’t.

   Some have very serious, deeply wounding hurts that they have buried within themselves that they need to bring to the surface and confront before they can bring about any healing.

   Others just needed to be guided towards the healing method that they were ready for and the changes that awaited them.

    Healing can happen on so many levels and in so areas of our lives.  Are we ready to take responsibility for ourselves and our health?


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