Tuesday, 30 June 2009


The day, water, sun, moon, night…
I do not have to purchase
these things with money.
– Plautus

Monday, 29 June 2009


The really efficient labourer
will be found not to crowd his day with work,
but will saunter to his task
surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure.
– Henry David Thoreau

Friday, 26 June 2009

One thing

The shortest way to do many things
is to do only one thing at once.
– Samuel Smiles

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Don’t go around saying
the world owes you a living.
The world owes you nothing;
it was here first.
– Mark Twain

Monday, 22 June 2009


Some things that don’t happen
keep disasters from happening.
– Rumi

Friday, 19 June 2009

June 19, 2009 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

The World Professional Chuckwagon Association’s 2009 season is in full swing. With the first two tour stops (Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat) behind them, the drivers and outriders are gearing up for the races in High River June 19 - 21st.

Congratulations to Reg Johnstone, the Bashaw Flash, and his outriders Butch Stewart and Wayne Wright, for winning the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, driving the Blue Wave Energy outfit. This is the second time in Reg’s career that he has won at Medicine Hat. This win puts Reg in second place in the World Standings.

Best of luck to both Reg and Jason Johnstone as they travel the circuit this season.


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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


The obscure we see eventually.
The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.
– Edward R. Murrow

Monday, 15 June 2009


God hides things by putting them near you.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 12 June 2009


It isn’t that they can’t see the solution.
It is that they can’t the see the problem.
– G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


He who builds to every man’s advice
will have a crooked house.
– Danish proverb

Monday, 8 June 2009


There is a time to let things happen
and a time to make things happen.
– Heather Prather

Friday, 5 June 2009

June 5, 2009 Chautauqua

From the Editor's Computer

In 1958 the Avro Arrow burst onto the aviation scene, and Canadians were hailed as taking the aerospace industry to unprecedented levels. The Avro Arrow, with a top speed of 1,650 mph, was the most sophisticated and fastest fighter plane the world had ever seen.

Then, just when Canada was poised to step into her own, the whole project was cancelled in 1959 by Prime Minister Diefenbaker and the 6 planes and all blue prints were destroyed. Note, they were not shelved or reworked, but totally destroyed.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada, and the 50th anniversary of the end of the Avro Arrow project, instructors and students from the Aircraft Structures program at NAIT are at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin to help to refurbish a full-scale model of the legendary Avro Arrow. The model should be ready for display in July.

How many of us, just as we are on the brink of completing a successful project in our own lives, allow fear to cancel our good effects as the government allowed fear to shut down the Arrow Project? How would our lives be different if we revived some of our past “almost” successes and showed them to the world?


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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I have no regrets.
I wouldn’t have lived my life
the way I did
if I was going to worry about
what other people were going to say.
– Ingrid Bergman

Monday, 1 June 2009


The world is wide,
and I will not waste my life
in friction when it
could be turned into momentum.
- Frances Willard