Monday, 31 August 2015


Organizing is what you do before you do something, 
so that when you do it, it's not all mixed up. 
 - Christopher Robin (A.A. Milne)

Friday, 28 August 2015


Dripping water hollows out stone, 
not through force but through persistence.
 - Ovid

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Real and lasting happiness 
comes through the progressive accumulation 
of unforgettable memories and special moments.  
 - Robin Sharma

Monday, 24 August 2015


When you can take the things you judge in yourself
 and appreciate them to the point 
where it wouldn't matter if people found out, 
you'll attain real self-love.
 - John Demartini

Friday, 21 August 2015

August 21, 2015 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   One day, three or four years ago, a very nice guy held the door of the post office open for me so I could manoeuvre the stroller containing my niece through the door. I thanked him and he replied, “Life is easier when someone holds the door for you.”

   I remembered his words because they are so true. Whether it is an actual physical door someone is holding open for you because your hands are full, or just as a courtesy, or whether it is a symbolic door, life is easier with the assistance of others.

   Yet, that is easier said than done!

   We are often readily willing to hold doors, of various varieties, real or otherwise, for other people. Who hasn’t helped someone out at one time or another just because you were there and able? However, we are often unwilling to allow others to do the same for us. We fear and shun the kindness of others. Why?

   On the flip side, there are those who demand that other people hold doors for them and yet they are not willing to reciprocate or even acknowledge the assistance they have received. They too fear the kindness shown to them. Why?

   What is it about kindness that we can find so threatening?
   Why do we tend to feel that we don't deserve help, or that we are being a burden and inconveniencing someone who offers assistance?

   Or, is it that we fear that we will be required to reciprocate in a way and means that we feel we are unable?

   Our society prizes, and promotes, independence to an almost fanatical degree at times, yet, we can’t do everything ourselves, no matter how much we think we can.  We can only exist, and thrive, in community.  And community requires interacting and assisting others around us.

   We have lost so many of the small societal courtesies that were a part of everyday life for ages.  Those little courtesies that some considered demeaning and condescending and wanted the world to stop.  Yet, they weren’t demeaning.  What they really were was a sign that someone cared enough to show kindness to someone else.  Do you still care?


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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


What one thing can I do
 to make better use of my time
 so I completely eliminate 
the reason I feel so overwhelmed? 
 - Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 17 August 2015


Lord, grant that I may always desire 
more than I can accomplish.
 - Michelangelo

Friday, 14 August 2015


Love has power to give in a moment
 what toil can scarcely reach in any age.
  - Goethe

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


If your inner creative force 
loved you enough to give you life, 
who the hell are you to say
 you're not worthy[?] 
 - John Demartini

Monday, 10 August 2015


I don't think you go out of style 
when you're living in the present 
most of the time. 
- Shirley MacLaine

Friday, 7 August 2015

August 7, 2015 Chautauqua

Beth's Ponderings

   No matter what area of our lives we are dealing with, we all have an idea of what we want the ‘ideal’ to be, our ultimate wish list of the perfect outcome, be it a dream job, the place we want to live, something we want to achieve, or a particular relationship.

   Generally, it is good to have goals and dreams, and achieving these dreams and goals helps us develop into the person we are destined to become.

   However, sometimes we discover that what we thought we wanted is not really what we want.There is an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, as you may get it.”We find out that the dream job is not such a dream, the place we want to live is not a nurturing environment, the achievement is not enriching our lives, or the relationship is going nowhere.

   One reason for this is because we confuse the external wants for the internal wants.  The externals - job, new location, achievement, relationship, etc. - are merely different paths to our internal wants.  Once we realize the difference, and acknowledge the internal wants, then we can see more options available to us and can stop fixating on one narrow path.

   There are many paths our lives can take.  We are not being forced to choose just one.  Nor does it mean that if we miss one path we should just give up as our lives are over. 

   While it is important to identify our internal wants, that isn’t the whole story either. 

   What we want isn’t always what we need.  And life has a unique habit of giving what we need more often than we get what we want.
   Our wants are many, but few of us ever really take the time to think about what we need in particular life situations to help us grow and move forward.

   Wanting something is not bad, but sometimes we are required to release the desire for what we want so we can welcome into our lives what we need, which ultimately will lead to greater happiness in the long run.


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Wednesday, 5 August 2015


The true depth of your own
 value, beauty, and worthiness 
has already been conferred by the Divine. 
 It is set.  No one else's behaviour or opinion 
can honestly ever minimize it.  
It's like clouds trying to eradicate the sun.  
It always reemerges. 
 - Tosha Silver

Monday, 3 August 2015


Always be yourself and have faith in yourself.  
Do not go out and look for a successful personality 
and try to duplicate it.
 - Bruce Lee